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About Massachusetts Driver's License Renewal

About Massachusetts Driver's License

Massachusetts drivers should renew their driver's licenses every five years. Drivers caught with an expired license may face penalties like fines or even license revocation. A Massachusetts driver's license expires on the holder's birthday, and drivers can renew their licenses up to one year before the expiration date.

Drivers can renew online or in person, depending on their preference. To renew in person, they must visit an RMV service center. AAA members may be able to renew their driver's license at a AAA branch offering RMV services. To renew a license in person, drivers should bring a completed renewal application and an acceptable method of payment.

Did you know? You can renew your license up to two years after it expires. After two years, however, you must reapply for a license and take the appropriate tests.

Benefits of Our Service makes your driver's license renewal as painless as possible. We fill out the application for you and email the completed form right to your inbox. Then, you just print out the finished application and follow the steps in our guide to submit it.

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